Toke Picabia
Delmore fx, Elia Buletti
2017 May 01
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Das Andere Selbst 029 2017

All tracks by Elia Buletti
Recorded on january 2017 at DDR studios in Wedding, Berlin
Master: Paul Jones
Layout: Stéphane Robert (Dasein)

Delmore Fx is the solo project of Elia Buletti, who started to work under this moniker towards the end of 2010 just before moving to Berlin, where he currently live and work as musician as well as editor for his limited edition label Das Andere Selbst.

The sound of Delmore fx is based on digital and analog studio recordings that are continuously and ephemerally restructured through improvisational instant rearrangements operated on mixer, loopers and effects. Midi studies, recreational low-fi, unreal humming and high tones breakouts gather in these meticulously unsteady architectures. There is a narrative element, something like a perpetual digression.

The ever changing quality of the arrangements has obviously been a challenge when Elia decided to moderate those unpredictable structures in an album. Toke Picabia is the transfer of a tumultuous dreamlike matter into a thinned out more contemplative shape.
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Vinyl LP 12’ 300 copies
Running time 29:56
33 rpm